San Diego Anti-Aging Specialist, Dr. Stephen Center M.D., Labels the Aging Process as a Disease

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Dr. Stephen Center of San Diego, CA is an anti-aging specialist in a branch of emerging medicine that treats the imbalances that occur as the body ages. He’s developed custom anti-aging treatments based on three key factors; a lifestyle personalized to your physiology, achieving and maintaining youthful hormone levels and optimizing brain and cellular metabolism.  These factors have resulted in an impressive success rate. The Affordable Health Care Act is changing the way medicine is practiced, with a focus on preventative measures and addressing aging as a standalone disease.

“The major myth and misconception in this branch of medicine is that it is a form of alternative medicine instead of just good, clinically proven and science-based medicine, designed to complement, not replace, Western orthodox medical care,” said Center.

The anti-aging specialist advocates living a lifestyle of diet, exercise and stress management that’s tailored to the individual. He helps patients achieve and maintain the hormone levels they had in their youth to optimize brain function and metabolism. Patients look and feel younger and have an overall increase in their quality of life.

Dr. Ronald Klatz, originator of the term “anti-aging medicine” is the founder and president of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Inc. “If we can interrupt it (aging), why shouldn’t we? I say fight against it every step of the way.  We all want a future free of fear of disability and disease and horrible, miserable, subhuman existence, which is the reality of aging.”

Multiple studies have shown hormone therapy, progesterone for women and testosterone for men, to be safe, effective and non-cancer causing. Symptoms of aging that include weight gain, reduced brain function and loss of strength and stamina have shown improvement within weeks when combining hormone therapy with lifestyle changes.

In his field, there are various controversial subjects that have been talked about in the industry including some issues about compounding pharmacies that have come under attack due to the New England Compounding Pharmacy Fiasco with contaminated compounded epidural injections that cause deaths. With regards to this controversy, Dr. Steven Center emphasizes that compounding pharmacies that follow Good Manufacturing Practices and meet or even exceed the state guidelines have an excellent track record for safety. Compounding is actually a time-honored drug manufacturing methods. There are even thousands of clinical studies support the safety and efficiency of such method.  When conducted under the supervision of a trained anti-aging specialist, hormone therapy is safe and effective.

Most anti-aging specialists see patients on a cash only basis, but an increasing number of insurance companies are providing partial reimbursement. Ongoing medical, pharmaceutical and supplement expenses can be easily modified to accommodate the patient’s budget. Unlike primary care doctors who may spend 10-15 minutes with a patient, an anti-aging specialist may spend an hour or more to identify underlying causes of problems, find natural healing solutions and develop of plan of treatment.


Dr. Pamela W. Smith is the founder and medical director of The Center for Health Living and Longevity at Grosse Pointe Farms in Michigan. A recognized authority on anti-aging medicine, she’s an enthusiastic supporter of therapies that are designed for the individual.

“Anti-aging medicine doesn’t just treat symptoms, it tries to find the cause of the problem and treat the cause,” said Smith.  “Anti-aging medicine is about personalized care. We now have the science to look at what each person needs for their own healthcare needs.”

“Most of us were taught protocol medicine,” said Smith. “All patients received the same treatment. Science really has changed and anti-aging medicine is at the forefront of this change.”

Those searching for a qualified anti-aging specialist should look for someone trained by the American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine and they should work with large, established compounding pharmacies that follow the best available manufacturing processes to ensure safety and effectiveness. The practitioner should be a good communicator, listener, and treat the patient with compassion, respect and a high level of expertise.

Stem cell research and DNA sequencing hold hope in the future for an aging population and may even prove to extend the human lifespan. For now, the focus of anti-aging specialists is extending the healthspan of patients as healthy and vibrant individuals with hormone therapy and a customized plan of treatment.

“The revolution of our lifetime will be the creation of an ageless society,” said Dr. Klatz. “Aging is no longer inevitable.”

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Dr. Center’s offices, BodyLogicMD of San Diego, are located in 5030 Camino De La Siesta   #290, San Diego, CA 92108     You may reach him by telephone at 619) 822-1004

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