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See My Who Is Dr Helen Hu OMD LAc San Diego says “Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC) views a body in an energetic way, disorders do not show up in one day, the process involved in our own body imbalance that is enforced by inappropriate diet and life style along with body constitution. During the process of imbalance, Body itself will show many signs and symptoms which indicates something is going on in the body but not to the points of building up “evidence” detected by Machines and modern technology.”

Herbal medicine has been a large, important part of Chinese medicine throughout time and many alternative medicinal practices that fall within the Western medicine sphere incorporate some similar techniques. Much of the fusion between worlds, so to speak, falls outside of mainstream medicine but its presence is more than palpable in the Western world. Naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, massage therapy, and herb remedy shops are the most common, clear symbols of this fusion as they each stemmed from Chinese roots, having also evolved over time.

One large pharmaceutical company in Shanghai, Chi Med, has been working for more than ten years to recreate and simplify the healing power within traditional Chinese medicine while also passing it through the strict standards of the mainstream food and drug regulations. These botanical drug products have had considerable support and the company has even partnered with Nestle, a gigantic company in the United States. Several of the products, which are created with traditional Chinese ingredients, have passed the FDA’s strict analysis and testing periods and are now scientifically proven to show positive health results in the majority of patients.

This project represents a huge shift as pharmaceutical companies are beginning to look for alternative, more traditional methods and are tweaking them to more adequately suit the modern age. It also proves that consumers are interested in something different, although the ancient origins are far from new!

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