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See My Who Is  Dr Candice Seti Licensed Clinical Psychologist in San Diego believes maintaining a healthy weight can be a constant struggle while cravings and food temptations can weigh down progress. ‘Packaged diet’ options don’t work for everyone but luckily there are other ways to lose weight naturally and you don’t have to rely on chemicals and pills. You can improve your health, shed the weight, and see results quickly without risking any extreme side effects. Engaging with a clinical psychologist is an innovative, effective method to lose weight.

All of the decisions that we make and our ability to maintain our willpower and determination stem from psychological backgrounds. It only makes sense, then, that you employ a clinical psychologist to help you with your weight loss journey. Their unique, objective point of view will offer the necessary reality checks that can keep you on track and devoted to the end result.

Emotions play a central role in our eating habits and they can distract us from our weight loss goals and encourage us to ditch the diet in lieu of a food that feels more comforting. A packaged diet, meal plan, or generic weight loss track can’t adjust to your personal needs or help you set up a foundation for a healthier future. Many of those product lines are designed for change now and, in turn, a relapse in the future. A clinical psychologist, on the other hand, can help you uncover the root cause of your eating habits and make positive changes to how you make decisions and fight off temptations for a life of healthy choices.

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Dr. Candice Seti Licensed Clinical Psychologist in San Diego
You may contact her at her office
350 10th Street #1023
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